Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tune in on Monday

This Monday, October11th, as part of the lead up to the Jewish Book Festival, I'll be interviewed radio Lion FM96.1  Feel free to tune in. The program is called Jewish Life Matters, and will begin at 7.00 pm. I'll be discussing Dancing in the Dark and the fact that it has been banned from certain Jewish schools.


  1. What was the reason for the ban? Congrats on creating writing that moves folks beyond traditional comfort zones.

  2. Hi Mohamed, and thanks. The reason for the ban is that the book is considered 'antithetical to the principles of Orthodox Judaism' because a tenet of Orthodox Judaism is that the orthodox lifestyle is the only 'right' way for Jews to live, whereas my book promotes the idea that there is no one 'right' way, and it's the individual's right to choose.

    Just visited your blog. Loved it.

  3. Will twiddle the dial, robyn! jx