Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Blog Directions for 2011

I've been thinking of a few blog ideas I might try out this year, but I thought I'd run them by you first and ask for your feedback.

Idea One: The inclusion of a regular spot (eg. once a week or once a month) where people can ask questions about writing and I will do my very best to answer. If I have trouble answering them myself, I will enlist the help of others.

Idea Two: Delivery of the Writing Class in a more organized and scheduled way, rather than posting random classes when I feel like it, as I've been doing to date.

Idea Three: The addition of something along the lines of 'My favourite post of the week' in which I provide a link to a post I particularly liked. For example, this post on 'eight lessons in story from The Sound of Music.'

Would love your feedback on these ideas. Would you like to see these kinds of posts? If so, how often? I'm also open to suggestions for other kinds of posts. What are the sorts of things you want to read?

1 comment:

  1. I think all three ideas are really great. I don't know if I have questions for Idea One (I'm one of those people that can never think of questions) but I'd love to see you answer other people's questions, so. I'm excited for your 2011 blog posts! :)