Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog Directions Revisited

Following my post on new blog directions earlier this month, I have decided that in 2011, as well as keeping you updated about my own work as a writer and related events, I will:

· Continue with the Writing Class. If you have a particular issue or question you’d like me to address, just email me at Feel free to comment on the writing classes. Other opinions are always welcome.

· Write a series of posts under the heading You Might Have Missed… in which I will talk (briefly) about books (mainly YA but some MG and occasional adult novels) that I have enjoyed and recommend. These posts will focus on books that were published prior to 2010. In this way, I hope to help keep great books flourishing after the publicity and fanfare following initial publication has died down.

· Include a series called Down Memory Lane, in which I will recall some of the books I loved as a child.

What are the books you’re worried people might have missed? And what are the books you loved as a child?


  1. looking forward to it :) i really loved the idea of looking at books that have been published for a while. I have a lot of fave YA books that I read in the 90's.

    All sonya Hartnetts. and Steven Herricks )although both of these are still publishing, I still adore their earlier work).

    Raincheck on Timbuktu by Kirsten Murphy.

    John Marsden's earlier work.

    Guitar Highway Rose by Brigid Lowry.

    Somehwere Around the Corner by Jackie french.

    and a lot of NZ author Sherryl Jordan's Books were my favourites as well.

  2. Thanks, Nomes. It's great gettng recommendations. A couple of Sonya Hartnett's are already on my list, and I'll take a look at those others. Glad you're looking forward to the new series.