Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wonderful Wesites

I’m a sucker for wonderful websites, and I’ve just been visiting those of some children’s authors whose sites reflect their books and their writing.

These include the sites of:

1) Cassandra Golds – her website looks beautiful and magical, just like the fairytales she weaves.

2) Jayne Lyons – whose site is designed to look like the places her stories are set in, and who is 100% committed to using the same language on her website as she does in 100% Wolf and the rest of the series.

3) Doug MacLeod – this website is replete with his own brand of humour, and last but not least…

4) JK Rowling – her official website is every bit as spectacular as one would expect, and as imaginative as the books they represent.

Interestingly, most websites of adult and young adult authors don’t seem to reflect their authors’ books in quite the same way.

My own website was consciously designed to reflect my debut novel, but I’m now at a crossroads. The site really isn’t working for me as I’m not able to manage it myself and must rely on someone else to update the content. I’ve therefore decided to replace the entire website with one that I will be able to manage alone.

So I wanted to ask you: Do you think an author’s website should in some way reflect their books?


  1. Oh yes,Cassandra's website is beautiful. I've often admired it. Others I like, Craig Smith and Leigh Hobbs both have terrific sites. And of course Neil Gaiman. What I like about Gaiman's is that he has got a Younger Readers site within the main body. So kids can just click on Mouse Circus and not be concerned with the other stuff. jx

  2. Thanks for that info, Jen. I just checked out those websites and you're right - they are terrific. I think that illustrators have an edge when it comes to websites, for obvious reasons